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Culture Compass

The DFA Culture Compass: Interactive Cultural Assessment Tool

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Is your Company working across cultures?

Set a Course Toward Global Business Success with the CultureCompass© from DFA Intercultural Global Solutions

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Twenty-first century global work requires cross-cultural competencies: the ability to navigate the complex and very different workstyles, expectations, behaviors and perceptions of successful work that different countries can have around the world. The DFA CultureCompass© is a unique tool that empowers one to do just that by helping to:

  • RECOGNIZE one's own cultural position when it comes to workstyle preferences in comparison with over 90 countries around the world.
  • UNDERSTAND how and why one's cultural work preferences may be different from those of colleagues across the globe.
  • STRATEGIZE how to navigate these differences for improved global work success.

Recognizing, Understanding and Strategizing reflects the three stages required for the development of intercultural competencies when working across cultures. The DFA CultureCompass© consists of three parts, each designed to help develop each of these competencies:

  • Part One: A 40 question survey designed to provide one with a clear picture of one's own cultural workstyle position: this will help RECOGNIZE how one's workstyle preferences might be different from those of over 90 countries around the world.
  • Part Two: A drop-down comparison and explanation of the differences between one's own workstyle preferences and those of over 90 countries around the world: this will help one to UNDERSTAND how and why they might work differently from colleagues abroad.
  • Part Three: STRATEGIES (and solutions), appropriate to the areas of greatest concern, that one can immediately use to improve work with over 90 countries around the world.